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adi_title – Abbreviate Titles

This plugin will output an abbreviated version of the current article’s title.

adi_title tag

Use <txp:adi_title /> to replace <txp:title />.



specifies the string that delineates the slices. Default = “ “, i.e. a slice = a word.


Default = 0, i.e. not used.


Default is everything up until the end of the title.


specifies a string to be appended to the end of the abbreviated title. Default = “ …”.


- the (X)HTML tag (without ‘<>’ brackets) to wrap around the link. Default = “” (no tag).

class="class name"

- the CSS class to be used on the wraptag. Default = “” (no class).

html_id="id name"

- the HTML ID to be used on the wraptag. Default = “” (no HTML id).


<txp:adi_title />

- will output the title unchanged

<txp:adi_title length="2" />

- output the first 2 words
e.g. “This title is a bit too long” becomes “This title …”

<txp:adi_title length="-3" />

- remove the last 3 words
e.g. “This title could be chopped at the end” becomes “This title could be chopped …”

<txp:adi_title offset="1" />

- skip the first word
e.g. “The One” becomes “One …”

<txp:adi_title offset="-2" />

- output the last 2 words
e.g. “Not The End” becomes “The End …”

<txp:adi_title length="3" offset="3" />

- skip the first 3 words & output 3 words of what’s left
e.g. “This title has a nice middle bit” becomes “a nice middle …”

<txp:adi_title length="-2" offset="4" />

- skip the first 4 words & output the rest, stopping 2 words from the end
e.g. “The best bit is somewhere near the end” becomes “somewhere near …”

<txp:adi_title length="2" offset="-4" />

- output 2 words, starting 4 from the end
e.g. “Once upon a time, in a land far away” to “a land …”

<txp:adi_title length="-2" offset="-5" />

output words starting 5 from the end & finishing 2 from the end
e.g. “There’re not too many examples listed here” becomes “too many examples …”

<txp:adi_title length="5" append="!" />

output the first 5 words & append exclamation mark
e.g. “I bet you can’t guess what this says” becomes “I bet you can’t guess!”

<txp:adi_title offset="1" append="" separator="-" />

use a hyphen as the separator & skip the first slice
e.g. “Good morning Smithers-Jones” becomes “Jones”

<txp:adi_title offset="1" length="-1" append="ed"/>

remove the first & last words and append a string
e.g. “Lose top and tail please” becomes “top and tailed”

Additional information

Support and further information can be obtained from the Textpattern support forum. A copy of this help is also available online. More adi_plugins can be found here.

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