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adi_prefs – Preference Sets

This plugin gives you a new tab under Admin where you can define different sets of preference values and apply them at will.

The Preference Sets tab

Users with sufficient privileges will see the Preference Sets tab, under Admin. This gives you a view of the different sets of preference values:

The Current set is the actual preference values currently in use by Textpattern on your site.

The Default set is a snapshot of the preference values taken when adi_prefs was installed. This can be seen as a view of how things were when you started, e.g. a “fallback” position.

The Local, Staging, Testing & Live sets may be modified. The list of preferences of interest may be changed (i.e. added to or subtracted from) and the individual preference values may be altered.

The titles of the sets may be changed to whatever you like.

Adding or removing preferences

You can add preferences to the sets by selecting them from the popup list and clicking Add. The initial value of a new preference is taken from the current value.

You can remove preferences from the sets by clicking on the ‘X’ button. All set values of deleted preferences will be forgotten. Deleting a preference does not affect it’s value in the actual website.

Applying the preference sets

You can individually apply the Default, Local, Staging, Testing & Live sets – i.e. the values contained in these sets are then used on your website for real.

A word of caution

No validation of “free-format” preference values is performed, so ensure that the values you enter are valid for use – otherwise you might break your site! If things go pear-shaped try applying the Default set.


Simply delete the plugin in the Plugins tab. No preferences will be harmed in the process.


To install the Textpack, go to the plugin’s options page and click on “Install textpack”. This will copy & install it from a remote server. The number of language strings installed for your language will be displayed.

If the Textpack installation fails (possibly due to an error accessing the remote site), the alternative is to click the Textpack also available online link. This will take you to a website where the Textpack can be manually copied & pasted into the TXP Admin – Language tab.

Updates and corrections to the Textpack are welcome – please use the Textpack feedback form.

Additional information

Support and further information can be obtained from the Textpattern support forum. A copy of this help is also available online. More adi_plugins can be found here.

adi_prefsv0.3.2Download (Uncompressed) Textpack SupportTXP 4.5–4.6