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Password Bar

Password Bar plugin screenshotThis BitBar plugin generates human-friendly strong passwords for you to copy from your Mac menubar.

Inspired by a Mac app called Arcana by Tekuris. Also, thanks to Christian S for his excellent suggestions for improvements.


Install BitBar, if you haven’t already, and then install the Password Bar plugin from GitHub or from here.


Grab a password

The menu will present you with ten randomly generated readable passwords plus one obscure password. To copy one to the clipboard, simply select it.

Don’t see anything you fancy?

The passwords will be changed every 5 minutes but you can force the issue by selecting Regenerate.

Password format

By default, the passwords are generated with a format of 3,n,5,s,4 – this is a 3 letter word, a digit, a 5 letter word, a symbol character, and a 4 letter word (e.g. Tig5Pesky?Muff). Use the Set Readable Format option to change. See Help for more detail.

The length of the obscure password can be set using the Set Obscure Length option.


There are three sets of symbols available for use, select one from the Symbol Sets list:

Full: !\"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~
Partial: !#$%&*+,-.:;=?@^_|~ (the Full list but without the quotes, brackets or slashes)
Limited: !#$%*+-=@^_ (supposedly the eBay subset)

The default is Partial.

Peace of mind

The passwords are not stored anywhere, unless you copy them to the clipboard. Once regenerated they’re lost forever.

Queries or issues?

Let me know on GitHub or send me some feedback.

Behind the scenes

There’s a file created in /private/var/tmp:

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