adi_search_db – Search the TXP database

This plugin allows you to search the TXP database from within the Admin interface.


Install the plugin in the usual way and a new item, Search DB, will be available under the Extensions tab.


Simply enter the string you’re looking for and adi_search_db will return all occurrences found in the database.

All occurrences?

Yes, if they occur in the following Textpattern database fields (as well as some specific plugin fields):


  • Title
  • Body
  • Excerpt
  • Custom fields
  • Article image
  • Keywords
  • Override form
  • URL-only title
  • Invitation


  • Title


  • Stylesheet


  • Name
  • Email
  • Website
  • Message


  • Filename
  • Title
  • Description


  • Form


  • Image name
  • Alternate text
  • Caption


  • Title
  • URL
  • Description


  • Page template


  • Name
  • Value


  • Title


  • Name
  • email address


  • Alternative title
  • Clone title
  • Redirects


  • Directory
  • Filename

If you would like adi_search_db to poke around in any other plugin tables, let me know in the support forum and I’ll see what I can do.

Search results

The results of your search are listed with links to the appropriate edit pages.

Results are automatically filtered according to user privileges – for instance, if you don’t have access to Forms then you won’t see any results from there.

Results can also be filtered further in the Filter list.


You can adjust who gets to use the plugin by setting the privileges in options.


To install the Textpack, go to the plugin’s options page and click on “Install textpack”. This will copy & install it from a remote server. The number of language strings installed for your language will be displayed.

If the Textpack installation fails (possibly due to an error accessing the remote site), the alternative is to click the Textpack also available online link. This will take you to a website where the Textpack can be manually copied & pasted into the TXP Admin – Language tab.

Updates and corrections to the Textpack are welcome – please use the Textpack feedback form.

Uninstalling adi_search_db

To uninstall adi_search_db, simply go to the Plugins tab and delete it.

Additional information

Support and further information can be obtained from the Textpattern support forum. A copy of this help is also available online. More adi_plugins can be found here.

Version 0.3 – Download (Uncompressed) Textpack Support – TXP 4.5