adi_variables – Manage TXP variables

This plugin provides:

  • a new Variables tab under Content to manage your variables
  • a new form, adi_variables, to store the variables


A new form, called adi_variables, will be installed when you visit the Variables tab for the first time.

Delete the example variables and add your own.

To bring them into operation put this line of code:

<txp:output_form form="adi_variables" />

at the top of all your web pages.

Admin tab

All users will see the Variables tab under Content. This provides:

  • a list of variables & their current values
  • the ability to add & delete variables
  • options to make variables Admin or Public
  • an admin function to take a backup copy of the adi_variables form in adi_variables_copy

Tooltips are available here – just hover over anything with a dashed underline.

Admin & Public

Because TXP variables have been implemented as a tag and hence used in forms/pages etc, the distinction between ‘Admin’ and ‘Public’ kicks in a long way down the food chain. Basically, anybody apart from Staff Writer & Freelancer has access to Forms – so it’s only these two user privs that can sensibly be restricted.

Admin users can add, delete or update any of the variables.

Public users (i.e. Staff Writer & Freelancer) have visibility of all variables but can only update the ‘Public’ ones.

By making variables ‘Public’, you’re giving Staff Writer & Freelancer users the ability to modify them. Normally they wouldn’t be able to edit the forms containing the <txp:variable /> entries. They still, however, can’t delete or add variables.

Version 0.1 - Download (Uncompressed) Support