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BitBar Plugin

Cricket Bar

Cricket Bar plugin screenshotThis BitBar plugin displays the live score of a selected cricket match in your Mac menubar.

Inspired by, and much respect to, Anup Sam Abraham and his Live Cricket Scores plugin.

Anup’s plugin lets you see scores from several matches at once, whereas Cricket Bar focusses on one match at a time, as well as giving you the option to get scores from Cricbuzz in addition to ESPNcricinfo.


Find Cricket Bar here and install it.

PHP is installed and running on Macs by default these days, so Cricket Bar should work straight out of the box.

However, PHP can be a bit finicky about timezones. If you haven’t set up a PHP timezone, don’t panic, Cricket Bar will attempt to deduce what your local timezone is and get on with things.


Select the feed

Choose between ESPNcricinfo or Cricbuzz using the Change feed menu item. Matches may be available on either or both of the feeds.

Select the match

Pick the cricket match of interest from the Current matches submenu.

Score updates

The plugin is set up to refresh the scores once a minute. If you’re impatient you can use Refresh now for instant gratification.

Had enough?

The currently selected match can be switched off using Clear match selection. At some point after the match has completed, the match scores will automatically disappear anyway. Alternatively, choose another match.

Additional information

When the Cricket Bar menu is open, press the Option key to show more information – such as tour, dates, ground, match type.

Cricket feed website links

ESPNcricinfo only – selecting the second line of the dropdown menu (the match status) will open the match page in your browser.

Both feeds – select ESPNcricinfo website… or Cricbuzz website… to open the relevant feed home page in a browser.

Known knowns




Known unknowns

Let me know.

Under the bonnet

A couple of files are created in /private/var/tmp: